Cando Data

Better than it needs to be


Basic Operations



1. Setup





2. Ingredients




3. Recipes





Before using Datacake for

the First time you should go

to the Setup form to add

your details and select

your options...






5. Order


Now go to the Order form and click on the cakes and options required for this order or quotation.




8. Invoice






Next add ingredient prices and pack weights in the  ingredient form. The ingredient list  was accurate in July 2009 but prices may have changed.






5. Cake Detail


Next click the cake detail button and select the cake type, colour and shape required, you can also record the inscription required (if any)



9. Quotation


or a quotation

Now enter your cake recipes and store the quantity of each ingredient used in each of your eight inch cakes, all other sizes (from five to sixteen inch) are calculated from these ingredient quantities.



6. Payments


enter payments, discounts, delivery and setup charges 

if applicable before...

You can now go to the customer form to add your first customer or prospective customer.







7. Correspond


going to the correspondence form to print an